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Learn more about Christian Science at

where you can read articles on spirituality and healing, listen to live church services, study the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson, locate lectures, find more answers to "What is Christian Science?", share with others through online discussions, and more. 

Visit for the latest news, events and inspiration from 

churches in Southern California, and for more inks to resources about Christian Science.



Our Pastor:                                                       


Read The Holy Bible (King James Version) online

Read or listen online to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

A  site for young people provides timely articles on a wide variety of topics, with online chats, blogs, music and more.  Special weekly Bible Lesson publications for the young at heart are available by subscription:
and can be viewed in our Reading Room.


eBibleLessons are electronic editions of the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson, available by subscription to read and listen online, or to download digital Lesson content for reading / printing (PDF), for offline viewing (iPad, Kindle, Mobi, etc), or for listening (MP3 audio).

The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald (JSH) publications online provide digital and audio versions of the latest issue, plus a searchable archive at of over 275,000 articles and audio podcasts on prayer
and healing from 1883 to the present.


Many online sites have video, audio, and/or transcripts of Christian Science Lectures--free talks on spirituality that are offered throughout the year by branch churches of Christ, Scientist.  Some of these include Lectures at,  more on the YouTube Christian Science Lectures channel, and  


The CONCORD Study Resource provides an online concordance for exploring the
Bible (KJV) and writings of Mary Baker Eddy. 
The service is available by subscription or to anyone as a guest user. 

Icon_PrayerThanHeals2.jpg provides information about Christian Science churches and events in Southern California, with inspirational articles and videos, local lecture schedules, and more.

The Christian Science Monitor, an international daily newspaper, is available for purchase in our Reading Room and may be read online at

Local Articles

Lessons from a Cat (pdf), by Michelle Nanouche, C.S.B (reprinted with permission)
published Jan 2017 in the Sun Journal in Seal Beach and the New Enterprise paper in the Cypress area,
prior to her January 2017 lecture at the church in Palos Verdes.

Phone/Mobile Resources for Inspiration and Healing Messages
Listen to the weekly Bible Lesson, Daily Lift, Sentinel Radio Broadcasts, and by phone at
(323) 805-9700

Spanish broadcasts of "El Heraldo de la Ciencia Cristiana" can be heard also at  (323) 543-8600
More Spanish resources online at:

For a brief inspirational “Daily Lift”, dial: (617) 450-3430
Smartphone apps & content include Your Daily LiftGo VerseSentinelWatch, and the CS Monitor Daily podcast

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